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As I gradually transition from one profession to another, I reflect on a sermon I recently heard, There’s Still Time. My passion for writing began decades ago. I wrote a few manuscripts here and there. The first and only submission I made via snail mail in 1997 elicited a promising reply. However, two kids in two years arrived shortly thereafter, so I never pursued it.

Years later, I tried again. A coworker introduced me to blogs. I enjoyed the blogging community as much as crafting words for years. However, my joy was overcome by loss when my mother passed away unexpectedly. I wrote about my grief, and it was therapeutic. But my passion for writing and other things was obliterated.

One thing I have learned is that God is patient. He doesn’t push us when we aren’t able. He allows time for rest and restoration. God can renew and restore hopes and dreams we leave by the wayside.

I felt a nudge in the spring to register for a conference I hadn’t thought about in years. I followed that God/gut instinct and secured one of the last available slots. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was confident I should be there.

I attended workshops, socialized with fellow writers, and received well needed feedback from noted authors. The best thing to come out of it was finding a mentor. Dr. Kathrine Hutchinson-Hayes gave me suggestions and direction that put me back in the writing game.

If you’ve given up or forgotten your passion, look again. God is a restorer. Time is negligible in His hands. Stir up your faith and dare to hope. I challenge you to start. If you’ve already begun, continue. What God places in each of us has a purpose to suit His will. We should not leave earth without fulfilling everything we were born to accomplish.

Looking for a writer’s conference?

The Atlanta Writers Conference is usually held twice a year. It taught me much about publishing. Agents and editors represent most genres but rarely Christian publishing. You can find more information about the AWC here.

The Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference is the conference that renewed my hope and got me writing again. Details are available here.

Lastly, the Asheville Christian Writers Conference will be a new experience for me. It appears smaller than the BRMCWC, but it also offers hour-long sessions with agents, editors, and mentors instead of the fifteen-minute slots common at other conferences. More information is available here.

If you have writing challenges and triumphs you’d love to share, I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time, keep writing.

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