Creative Visions…

One of the best gifts I ever received was a camera. The fact that my mother gave it to me makes it all the more dear. Since then, my passion for photography has grown as has my collection of lenses. I am learning to view things from a different perspective, not the worst lesson to learn in life. Photography has only fueled my love for gardening and provided me with different perspectives with which to ponder things large and small.

Creative Visions by Raphael LLC was initially founded by my husband, Rod, over twenty years ago. His passion for photography developed into a love for “people photography.” As a result, he successfully photographed a fair share of weddings. I was at that time the lowly (and reluctant) assistant. Fast forward two decades and now I’m the one with camera in hand. I readily admit to a preference for subjects with petals and wings that won’t complain about my work!

Creative Visions is the umbrella under which I now begin my “second career” providing freelance editorial and media services. Although photography is still my personal passion, certain prints are now available to the public for purchase.

You can find links on this site to most things “Lilka Raphael.” However, Creative Visions is the launchpad from which I seek to broaden my skills and possibly develop a few new ones. I may even share what I learn here as well. Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll see you around.

Focus on the Positive.

B Blessed!